Monday, 12 December 2011

Slowly Preparing

We have been slowly preparing for Christmas here, but it feels like one step forward 2 steps back at times. At the weekend Oscar went out with his Aunty and his big cousin to the Wildlife Centre to see Santa. The plan was for us to rip through the cleaning and Oscar to not miss out on an annual trip to see Mr Clause. Unfortunately the que for Santa was 2 1/2 hours long and despite best efforts from the adults with him it was just too cold to wait in an outside que for that length of time (they took turns for over an hour then gave in). Meanwhile Duncan and I were both so tired we only got through 2 rooms and managed just a small dent in the gigantic laundry pile.

In other news, I have run out of two different kinds of wool and had to order 1 more ball of each (which means paying extra postage), so I can finish 2 gifts for Christmas.

We also woke this morning to find we had run out of bread, cat food and washing up liquid and milk. With no local shop within walking distance its just a nuisance. Oscar and I wrapped up well and took the bus to the Lidl (you gotta love Lidl), and since we were there, picked up some yummy chocolate and the ingredients to make a lasagne (I love home made lasagne and haven't made it in soooooooooo long). So not a total bust then.

I have made out my shopping lists for the next 3 weeks worth of groceries, bought 99% of Oscar's gifts, made plans for my Mums birthday (next Sunday 18th), and planned my Christmas Day Lunch (for 8 people this year).

So things are slowly pulling together, I think, I hope.


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