Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Flutters And Granny Chic

It turns out the snow fluttered all day, but it didn't lie to thick on the ground, it was too wet. Oscar was still desperate to get out though, because unbelievably, this is the only snow we have had this winter.

5 003


5 007


5 009


5 010


5 011


5 016
There wasn't enough snow for a snowman, so he built a snow-castle instead

I haven't been too well this past week, and I should technically be on bed rest. Parents with small children will know, that hardly ever happens, and sofa rest in-between snack making is as good as it gets. I did however make my bed much more appealing to get into by recreating my childhood, which is strangely known as quite the opposite out there in vintage land, as 'Granny Chic'

5 013

My reading material is a 1978 copy of Twinkle. I was given the Twinkle Annual each Christmas as a little girl, and my favorite character was.........

5 018
Nurse Nancy

And speaking of Granny Chic, I managed to pick up this West German Fat Lava vase for 99p

5 014

Isn't it a little lovely?





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