Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sewing And Formaldehyde Free Nail Varnish

So, I am still trying to work my way through the unfinished projects,  I finally gathered my courage, took out the new sewing machine (bought about 4 months ago, used twice), and sewed up my very 1st pair of trousers for Oscar. The fabric I had was only a small piece, which I bought on Ebay thinking it was larger (my mistake), so I knew I would only get 3/4 trousers out of it, but I really wanted to try. They turned out not too bad, just a little bit wonky but perfectly wearable. I couldnt believe it.

Sorry about the photo quality, there is a funny light in here this morning. Anyway, I was motivated to move on to the cushion covers I promised my Mum (she bought the fabric for me ages ago). I cut out the sizes using an old cushion cover as a template, tacked the edges, took out the machine, and then discovered I had no orange thread, (the fabric is orange obviously). I was a bit annoyed with myself, but thats how it goes I guess. So I popped myself into bed with my knitting instead, (still the weekend jumper, known this week as the long weekend jumper haha).

On a totally different subject, I wanted to share a little find of mine, have you heard of Zoya? I was looking through my favorite blogs last week and noticed a lovely shade of blue nail polish on someones toes. I actually had my toenails painted blue, but the shade was a bit brighter than I had wanted. I then started to ponder on the 'healthy' option of nail polish (I know, too much free time leads to silly thoughts). There is no such thing as 'organic' nail polish, since nail polish is a chemical compound cocktail, but there are healthier options available (primarily formaldehyde free). Enter Zoya, I found this one to be the nicest and I was really pleased how it went on, plus the range of colours is fantastic. You can take a look HERE, but I bought mine on Ebay for £7.99 incl p&p.

Its something to think about isn't it. I cant afford to throw out my entire makeup bag, but I may start looking at organic or healthier options once things need replacing. I can see this being a long term idea.




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