Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Knitted Doll, called Annie Rose

I am now going into overdrive (my mind anyway), about moving. Moving and packing and cleaning, and sorting to be precise. Not only that but we have put off potty training twice already, but is this really a good time? The first week Oscar had the bad cold (we all had it), and the second week Duncan was on holiday, so I figured we would be out and about more (although the weather put the dampers on it a lot). Anyway, my plan for today was to finish off a couple of projects. The first one being Annie Rose.

Oscar is a big Alfie and Annie Rose fan (the Shirley Hughes book series), hence the name. I bought the pattern from Etsy and she is made with pure wool, including the stuffing. I think she is pretty cute, and I can see a little Alfie on the horizon (after the move).

I also did a little T-Shirt for myself based on this design HERE

Mine was done with Dylon dye pens left over from Oscar's birthday T-Shirt for his Daddy (no pics as yet). The pens are great and a lot less messy than paints.

And finally, its my daughter Aimee's 20th birthday today, so a birthday cake baked by Mum was required.

Happy Birthday Aimee, your's is the last one in this house. Scary and exciting.


While I was in the bedroom putting this post up, my little guy came toddling upstairs to see me. He has gotten pretty good at the stairs lately, but he was wearing his chunky outside boots and he hadnt had a nap so was a little wobbly on his feet. Before I knew what was happening there was an almighty clatter and my poor little boy fell down a full flight of stairs. It seems a nasty bruise is developing on his cheek, but luckily thats the worst of it. Annie Rose had her share of tears and cuddles earlier than we thought.




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