Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Lovely Weekend

Well first of all, the trampoline was a huge success. I don't have any photos just now because they are still on my husbands iphone. He is going to put them on to a 'dropbox' account or something, I have no idea what it is but as soon as I have some photo's I will post them up.
I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. We had a very relaxing time and even though it rained for a while, it coincided with our egg decorating and the littlies afternoon nap so it wasn't too bad. My husband had Monday off work too so I even managed to fit in some painting. Its a 3 day week for him this week because he is off again for the Royal Wedding on Friday (and May Day on the following Monday), so its probably going to be next weekend before we know it.

Here is the littlie in his Easter Crown, the winner of the egg decorating contest won the crown and a little prize. Funny how the crown fitted the 'winner' like a glove ;)

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