Saturday, 28 May 2011

Visiting Kirriemuir In Scotland

We are still house-hunting as I have mentioned before, so today we set off nice and early for an adventure into the (relative) countryside. Neither Duncan or myself drive (although Duncan has the 1st part of his test booked for next month), so we went by bus.

Oscar was very excitable at the bus station,, but he soon settled back on the bus for the 1 hour journey.

Of course mama took this opportunity to do another weekend jumper.

When we got there, we were totally enchanted by the house. It has 5 bedrooms over 3 floors, but it isn't  a 'grand' townhouse type place, its a charming old cottage type place with an attic conversion, curly staircase and outbuildings.

There is a statue of Peter Pan

And in case you think thats odd, I had better explain that we were in the birthplace of JM Barrie, Author of Peter Pan.

Its a lovely little place with all the normal array of shops, including a wool shop which has a knit and natter' on Wednesday afternoons ( fab for mama). There is also a few little pubs, and a craft centre, and the usual bank, post office, library and school. Can you tell I am excited?

We had a phone call later this afternoon to say that if the paperwork is good, the place is ours!!!!

It looks like 4 will go to neverland and possibly not come back.




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