Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I Love The Sun

Our back garden is a reasonable size, big enough for the wee guy to play in, but unfortunately its fairly shaded for most of the day. This tends to make it quite cold for most of the day, until we hit late July early August, then it is warm enough in general to play in the shade. By comparison, the front garden (we live in a 1950s terraced house), is quite small, and very overlooked, in fact its on a main bus route and every Tom, Dick and Harry peers in to the garden and the lounge window (to my 'great' annoyance). The front garden however, is very very warm, a veritable sun-trap in fact. So, despite being a bit shy and a bit paranoid, I take the littlie out into the front garden to play, because out there, he is able to do this.

We have had such excellent fun the last few days, I only hope the weather stays good, because my husband was in the back garden until 11.20pm last night building a 6ft trampoline. As I am typing this in the lounge, the littlie is running between the lounge and the dining room (terrorizing the cats), and as yet he hasn't looked out of the sliding doors in the dining room. When he does, he will see a hulking great trampoline taking up most of the garden. Its amusing me no end that he hasn't noticed it yet, meanwhile, here is a round up of the last few days.

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