Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Just Lovely

When you live on a housing estate (hopefully not for much longer!!!) in a working class Scottish town, its easy to despair of books filled with rosy cheeked grubby children wading in puddles and playing with pine cones. I have a security camera on a pillar 50 feet from my house. The pharmacy at the end of my street dispenses methadone to a waiting que at 10am every day so we have to avoid it. There is glass in the park, shopping trolleys occasionally half way down the hill, and comings and goings at all times of the day and night from some of the more dubious residents of our street. You can see why I want to move? But this book didn't depress me, it was quite uplifting on a cloudy afternoon when I had a migraine hanging over me.  For a little while I forgot where I was and saw the wonder all around me through the eyes of a child. I will also be following SouleMama's blog from now on.
Thanks SouleMama, you got through where many others have failed.

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