Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Cat, The Cow and The Dog

Not some bizarre kids programme, Yoga of course. I have tried yoga once or twice over the years and it honestly hasnt worked out. I remember as a little girl I dreamed of being just like the ballerina in my jewelery box, so when the 'people' came around the schools looking for possible candidates I was there like a shot. Sadly my dreams were shot down fairly quickly as I was told I was far too stiff to be a ballet dancer, this may have been on account that I was a bean pole? Anyway, despite being more of a pumpkin shape these days, I think its the same reason giving me problems with yoga. I assume if you are not supple and flexible at 8, then its unlikely to develop on its own by 41. Despite this, I went ahead and ordered a DVD from Amazon, Yoga To The Rescue, designed to help with back pain. I cant tell you if its any good, because once again I am having problems. Not the stiffness as yet, nope its the littlie. My worst back pain time is in the morning when I have obviously been lying still for too long, so it made sense to have a wee drink and feed the boy then embark on the yoga. I told the littlie I was going to do some yoga, but obviously didn't explain it, figuring that the next time he could put the name to it when he saw the DVD coming on (he is only 2). After getting through the 'how to stand' section we were just moving on to some more interesting poses (see picture above), when the whining started. 'I don't like that yoga, I don't like that yoga'. Then off he ran to the kitchen. His usual reason for being in the kitchen is to trap the terrified cat in the corner by her bowl and try to 'pet' her (cat torment is a whole other post I tell you). But no, I found him standing with the fridge door open pointing to the 'yogurt'. 'I like that yoga mummy'.  That wasn't a problem and I was happy for him to have one, but it goes with supervision and on that day, chants for 'Pingu on'. By the time that was done, I went for a wee, the post came, I put the dishes in hot water, bla bla bla, yoga was over.
I tried again today but as soon as he saw the DVD I was met with the same 'I don't like that yoga' ( I don't like, is a new phrase he has learnt, little smarty pants). I tried to carry on and encouraged him to join in, but no. He resorted to naughty attention grabbing. Standing on a stool and throwing loose change he had snaffed from the penny's jar. I have seen this before, often when I am on the phone or laptop, its called don't ignore me mummy.
So that was that. Obviously evening is a more suitable time, but honestly I crawl upstairs on my lips most nights, so I would never get around to it. Any suggestions most welcomed.

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