Monday, 30 May 2011

Coraline Hand Stitched Doll

Oscar used to have a really big interest in witches. We watched with much amusement and wondered how long it would last. It lasted 6 months (a long time in the life of a 2 year old). It was swiftly replaced with all things 'spooky', ghosts, monsters, skeletons and skulls. We think the whole thing is hilarious.

Last week we were shopping for Aimee's birthday when Oscar spotted a big black T-shirt with a skull on it, and asked us to buy it. It was a mens T-shirt and far to big for him obviously, so we went to a few childrens shops looking for skull T-shirts. We found some orange and blue T-shirts with skulls in his size, but he said 'put that one back Mummy, Oscar like the black one'. You cant argue with that, so we bought a plain black organic cotton T-shirt.

Oh yes, and o you know what every trendy Goth Babies favorite movie is?

Coraline of course. The Coraline doll is hand stitched, her body is a pillow case, her hair is wool, her hair clasp is a card decoration, and her skirt, coat and boots are felt.I may try and swipe her back to do stripy legs.

As you can tell, I am getting through the unfinished craft work.



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