Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Finally Feeling A little Better

Lets just say I am not a very good patient. Have I ever mentioned I trained as an ENR (Enrolled Nurse) straight from school? Well I did, as a mere 17 1/2 year old, and did you know that Doctors, Nurses and other Medics are normally bad patients?
After a few false starts (the littlie refusing to go to sleep and squirming around my bed until late-o'clock at night), I did manage to pick up a couple of good books. The first book was The Everyday Family Wholefood Cookbook,

a strange bedtime read you may think, but I love cookbooks ( feel free to shout out your favorites, I collect them avidly). If you are a skilled veteran in the kitchen its probably a bit basic for you, but I loved it. Its written in association with La Leche League GB and has healthy recipes to suit everyone. For weight-watchers like me, the added bonus is, each recipe has the nutritional information listed too (calories, fat, sodium etc). I paid 1p for it plus postage, you cant argue with that can you.

The 2nd book, I have just started, but its a proper cup of tea, cozy cardi, in bed type of read, called The Help.

Its blurb says its 'the other side of Gone With The Wind' The black maids, trusted with the white children but not the silverware. The book is set in 1960's Mississippi and is funny and shocking at the same time. The only thing I would say is, its written in the characters accents, which I don't mind, but my husband hates, so if you hate it too, be warned.
I may even fit in some reading today because its shaping up to be a grey wet Sunday out there. I hope its better weather elsewhere. Have a nice Sunday, and let me leave you with a picture of my little ray of sunshine.

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